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Posted on Sep 21st 2020

Say Hello to Revy Solutions


You may have noticed a new name and logo on our website. We wanted to take some time and answer a few commonly asked questions about our rebranding.


Q: What is Revy Solutions and what do you do?

A: We’re a business that’s passionate about designing modern, affordable solutions for the automotive industry.


Q: Why the name change?

A: Originally, we started out as just a software company. However, we wanted to expand our offerings to our customers and provide additional services that were unrelated to software.

To avoid any confusion, we created a new brand that was separate from our old identity as a standalone shop management software company. This new brand is Revy Solutions.


Q: What happens to Auto Shop Invoice and Auto Shop Designs?

A:  Our old brands will continue to exist for now. You can think of Auto Shop Invoice and its sister company Auto Shop Designs as smaller, “sub-brands” that fall underneath Revy Solutions. 


Q: Outside of designing websites and building software, will you be adding any additional services?

A: Stay tuned for more! :)


Q: I’m an automotive business and I’d like to see if Revy Solutions can help me with [insert question here]. How do I get more information?

A: Schedule a call with us!


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