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Posted on Apr 20th 2020





Here at Autoshopinvoice, we’re always looking for ways to improve our shop management software to provide maximum value to our customers. Some of you may know that we’ve been hard at work on not one, not two, but six new features for our customers. Well today, we’re excited to announce that this new bundle of features has now been released into the wild. 

Before we describe each feature one-by-one, you may be asking “is it normal to release multiple features all at once? Why not release them one at a time?” The answer is that many of the following features work hand-in-hand with each other. It simply made more sense to develop them at the same time to ensure they integrated seamlessly with other parts of the app.

Without further ado, here are the new features and product updates:


1. Timeclock - Clock In and Clock Out

We’ve heard multiple requests for the ability to track time worked on a specific job or work order, and then automatically add labor hours to an invoice once the job is complete. In response, we’ve released our new Timeclock feature.

Users that login to the app will now see a new Timeclock tab at the top of their screen. Clicking on this tab will take you to the new Timeclock page. 

From here, users will be presented with fields to select a specific Employee and Work Order. Once selected, a Clock In or Clock Out button will automatically appear for the user to punch in or out. Whether a user sees a clock in or clock out button will depend on whether an Employee is already clocked in or out; for example, if an employee has most recently clocked in, they will only see the option to clock out once they select their name from the Timeclock page.


Automatic clock in and clock out feature



2. Timeclock - Manual entry

If a shop employee forgets to clock in or clock out while working, users also have an additional option to manually create a timeclock entry. Note that this can be done on both the Timeclock page and also while building a new Invoice. 


Manual clock in and clock out feature



3. Multiple Labor Rates

In conjunction with the new Timeclock feature, we’ve added the ability to configure multiple labor rates to use with billing and invoices. To setup your labor rates, simply navigate to the Settings tab. The labor rate you create as the default will be automatically selected for the labor rate dropdown in other areas of the app.


Multiple labor rates



4. New Work Order table

In response to feedback received from our customers, we’ve added a new Work Order table which can be seen from the main Invoices tab. We like to think of Work Orders as a precursor to an invoice, and as such you’ll see a lot of similarities between the two. Once a Work Order becomes converted into an Invoice, any existing information from Work Orders will automatically transfer over to the new invoice. This prevents you from needing to re-enter information in your new invoice.


Work Orders



5. Create Vehicles directly from Invoice/Work Order builder

Previously, the only way to create Vehicles was directly on an individual customer view page. Now, users can create new vehicles directly from the Invoice/Work Order builder. To use this functionality, simply build a new Work Order or Invoice and select or create a customer. The Vehicles field will then automatically appear.


New Vehicle



6. Enhanced Settings page

To accomodate Labor Rates settings, we’ve added subtab navigation to our Settings page. To view, just view your settings page and click on the Labor subtab to configure rates.


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