Can I use Autoshopinvoice’s shop management software even if I don’t own an auto repair shop or garage? What if I’m not a mechanic?

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Posted on Jan 25th 2020


Broken Mac in repair shop



With a name like Auto Shop Invoice, most people assume that only auto repair shops and garages can benefit from our software. But what about if you’re not necessarily running your own auto repair shop? What if you’re just doing some side repairs for friends and family? Or what if you don’t work in the auto repair industry at all? Here are a few use cases that can benefit from our software which you may not have considered.


Software for students and side work for auto repair garage

For people who don’t yet own their own garage or repair shop but are considering it for the future, consider using the Auto Shop Invoice app for repair management software. Why? Our software is well-suited for individuals who consistently do one-off repairs and repair work and would like a way to create a professional presence. Think of it as a “trial run” of a business.  With our auto repair shop invoice software, you’d be able to effectively manage your database of current and potential customers and build professional-looking invoices with little-to-no overhead.

Our Basic edition was created with this idea in mind. Folks in the auto repair industry that are still learning the ropes can dip their proverbial toe in the water before committing the time, money, and resources to launch a fully-fledged repair garage. By the time it comes time to take the leap and start your own shop, a new mechanic would already have their customers’ contact information, history of repairs, and other information in your software database. Additionally, you can always upgrade accounts at any time to increase your allotment of invoices once your business starts to take off.


Software for Mac and PC repair shops

Not in the auto repair industry, but still looking for a simple, modern way to manage your repair business? Repair shops of any kind can benefit from the Auto Shop Invoice app and software. When you think about it, auto repair shops and garages aren’t so different from computer repair businesses. Both industries are similar in many ways:

  • Highly specialized knowledge of machinery (automobiles & trucks vs. Mac and PCs)
  • A combination of technical and customer service skills
  • Repair frequently used, everyday products
  • Trust-based business due to specialized knowledge

In lieu of these similarities, it makes sense that both auto repair shops and Mac and PC repair shops could benefit from shop management software to help them stay organized and run their businesses effectively. If you were to walk into a Mac or PC repair shop, you’d see that the business flow is similar to auto repair shops or garages: a customer comes in with their defective or broken device or vehicle. The repair shop employees triage and diagnose the issue before quoting the customer an estimated cost to fix. The customer may choose to proceed with the repair, in which case the repair is completed and the customer is invoiced for the labor and materials. Both types of shops would benefit from a productivity and organizational tool such as Auto Shop Invoice to use for repair shop management software.


Software for Iphone and Android repair shop

Similar to Mac and PC repair shops, Auto Shop Invoice’s software can be utilized by Iphone and Android repair shops looking for a shop management or organizational tool to help run their business.  There are several overlapping similarities between auto repair shops and mobile repair shops: Need to add parts and customer information to build a quick invoice? Or how about aggregating customer data in one central, cloud-based CRM that can be accessed from any of your shop’s employees on any device?  If you’re looking to think outside of the box for a software solution to help manage your Iphone or Android repair business, then we’d recommend considering the Auto Shop Invoice app.


We hope this gives you a few ideas on how to utilize Auto Shop Invoice in contexts other than auto repair shops and garages. Our software is intentionally designed to be versatile, easy-to-learn, and user-friendly. Feel free to try it out risk-free, with no charge, by signing up for a free trial today. 


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